The Alexander Technique can help you learn how the body is designed to function so you can move with ease, relieve pain, improve breathing, enhance performance, reduce stress and experience overall well-being.

Betsy Polatin was a professor of the Alexander Technique at Boston University College of Fine Arts, and on the faculty of The Opera Institute for twenty-five years. Having taught worldwide for over forty years, Betsy is a specialist in working with actors, musicians and other performers. As Betsy teaches students from all different professions to use themselves to their utmost potential, she also integrates the Breathing Coordination principles developed by Carl Stough, and the trauma resolution principles of many pioneers in the field. Using her multi-level training and understanding, Betsy helps students reach their highest level of function and health.

Grace Kelly Musician

“Working with Betsy has created the most rapid and powerful changes in my sound and in myself! I was hooked since the first lesson when after 45 minutes I heard myself sing things I didn't know I could.”

Grace Kelly

Andre Gregory

“I have worked with many fine Alexander teachers over the years and Betsy Polatin is far and away one of the finest.”

André Gregory
Filmmaker and Director, “My Dinner With Andre”