January 9, 2011

Grace Kelly

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“Betsy is my teacher. Working with Betsy for over a year now has created the most rapid and powerful changes in my sound and in myself. Not only have I been completely pain free of any tendonitis and muscular problems I was battling before, but I have listened to the sound of my voice and horn get bigger, warmer and more resonant every lesson. Her energy, her touch, and her knowledge make the experience unbelievable. This last year I have connected my body and mind so much more and now feel more attached to myself.

I thought I knew how to breathe before. Now when I breathe correctly, everything seems brighter. The world seems brighter. Working with Betsy and reaching new limits is literally eye opening. I have more energy, less fatigue and most importantly I can create beautiful sounds! I was hooked since the first lesson when after 45 minutes I heard myself sing things I didn’t know I could. The deep resonance and sounds that she helps me create have been translating through to live performances.”

Grace Kelly
Singer, Saxophonist

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