What People Are Saying

“I am very pleased to offer a letter of support for Betsy Polatin. I have known this woman and her practice of Alexander Technique therapy for many years. It has been my privilege to refer patients to her over these past 15 years and can state without reservation that in many cases her treatment and care has been instrumental in the improvement of the patient and the relief of their symptoms. I look forward to working with her in the future and will always consider Alexander Technique and her particular expertise as a part of my referral armamentarium.”

Lyle J. Micheli, MD
Director, Division of Sports Medicine - Children's Hospital, Boston
Former President - American College of Sports Medicine
Orthopedist for the Boston Ballet.

Singer - “To Sir With Love”

“I have worked with many fine Alexander teachers over the years and Betsy Polatin is far and away one of the finest. Her touch and her instincts and her knowledge are miraculous. What all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't do to put Humpty Dumpty together again, she always accomplishes when she and I work together.”

Andre Gregory
Filmmaker and Director - “My Dinner with Andre”

“The work that I have done with Betsy has been an invaluable tool as a performer and throughout the rest of my life. Her teachings of the Alexander Technique have helped guide me to a deeper physical and mental understanding of my body and how it can relate to the outside world. As an actor working on the stage AT has helped me achieve a deeper physical relationship with my characters and find ways to connect to the text which resonates throughout my body. As an actor on television and film I have found that using Alexander on set has allowed me to endure the grueling hours and conditions that are demanded and be able to drop back in to the emotional and physical state that is necessary when the cameras finally start to roll again.

Betsy's warmth and caring for the individual student creates a trust in the work that allows you to go deeper into yourself and the technique to unlock amazing possibilities within yourself. I would recommend Betsy Polatin to whomever is interested in discovering more about themselves and their connection to their body and the world around them.”

Noah Bean
Actor - “Damages”

“I witnessed Betsy working with a group of experienced musicians. In a remarkably short time (ten minutes per person) she was able to create a dramatic change in each person. These changes were experienced by the individuals as a freeing of the voice for the singers and most players felt a connection to their entire bodies instead of just the part that connects them to their particular instrument. The changes were also very clear and dramatic for those watching and listening.

A short time working with Betsy was remarkably transforming. Any mind/body/emotion split was erased for a time and I was able to recreate that connected state of being before going onto the stage on tour. It is the most fun I have ever had improvising in front of an audience.

There is wisdom and art in her touch.”

Doug Johnson
Jazz pianist - Berklee College of Music, “The March of Time”

“I recommend the study of the Alexander Technique to anyone who wants to improve the integrated use of the mind and body. Betsy Polatin's guidance in the use of Alexander Technique has been a valuable resource for me as a performing artist.”

Edwin Barker
Principal Double Bass
Boston Symphony Orchestra

“With Betsy's work, this is the first summer in three years that The Tanglewood Wind Ensemble has had no injuries.”

Jennifer Bill
Wind Ensemble Coordinator - The Tanglewood Institute

“After herniating a disc twice in 2 years, I started Alexander lessons with Betsy and continued for over 3 years. This was over 15 years ago and I have used her teaching to stay pain free throughout this time. I frequently refer patients and my staff to Betsy for neck and back pain and continue to have the utmost admiration and confidence in her work.”

Dr. Harry V. Temple

“I have seen Betsy Polatin’s work for over 10 years with all levels of singers, from beginners to the young professionals in our Opera Institute. She communicates essential physical information with few words and an inclusive sense of humor, which raises the comfort level of a person immediately. In my experience her work releases both breath and voice to the observable enhancement of both vocal technique and acting. Singers often say they have been touched by a magician. She is a treasure.”

Sharon Daniels
Director of The Opera Institute – Boston University

“I have studied Alexander Technique with Betsy. I have participated in teaching activities with her, so I know her work up close and personal over a long period of time. Betsy’s great strengths are based on her continuing in-depth study of the body, and the patience and gentleness with which she imparts her knowledge to others. With seemingly little effort she invokes in her students a desire from within to make the body a better physical house in which to live. After a period of study with her, the awareness of self is so strengthened in the student, that the lessons she teaches become the property of the student. The mark of a Master Teacher!!

Betsy’s great personal integrity is beyond reproach, and those of us who have had the privilege of studying with her not only learn about putting our bodies in good use, but have a sense of striving toward a greater good as human beings.”

Kathleen Kaun
Professor of Voice – Rice University

“Betsy finds space in my body I never knew was there, and teaches me how to melt old armor that has outlived its usefulness. After I work with her, I feel taller and breathe more deeply. The peace, comfort, and confidence she helps me access has room to bubble up inside me and radiate out into the world. I have learned, and continue to learn from her, a new way to carry myself, and therefore to see myself. I see her as a magician who practices her art with great perceptiveness, gentleness, and precision.”

Cindy Kleine
Filmmaker – “Phyllis and Harold”

“Walking is something I’ve done for most of my life, but I no longer take it for granted. I have Betsy’s voice in my head, telling me to look straight ahead. Her gentle way of showing me new and better habits for walking, standing and sitting is a daily gift.”

Martin F. Nolan
Former Chief of the Washington Bureau and Editorial Page Editor – Boston Globe

“Betsy brings her excellent teaching to the whole person. In my seven years as her student (ended only because I moved), she led me away from habits that created pain and toward awareness of the healthy use of myself. When I discovered something new during a lesson, Betsy shared that joy as if she had never seen it before. I live mostly pain free today, and when I hit a bad patch, I hear her voice helping me get out of it.”

Liz Weld Nolan
Reporter and Former Editor Sunday Learning Section – Boston Globe

Betsy has worked with such experts in their fields as John Denver, Christian Slater, and Rashida Jones.