Betsy Polatin Alexander Technique

Betsy Polatin maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, California, and an online practice internationally.

She pioneered a four-year Alexander Technique curriculum for the acting conservatory students at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, where she taught for twenty-five years in the acting and music department.

In addition to Boston University, Betsy was on the faculty at the Opera Institute of Boston. She has also taught at: The Tanglewood Summer Music Program, Berklee College of Music, The Muscular Therapy Institute, New Hampshire Music Teachers Association, The Kushi Institute, and Boston Ballet through the Dance and Sports Medicine Clinic at Children’s Hospital run by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lyle Micheli, M.D.

Betsy has taught master classes to The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Children’s Hospital Physical Therapists, Cambridge Choir of England, Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy, The American Red Cross, Saint Francis Friary and Yoga and Meditation centers. She has taught throughout the U.S., and the world, including India, Japan, England, Germany, Spain, and Korea.

Articles that Betsy has written about the technique have been published in Direction Magazine, and in 2009, she presented her work at the 7th International Conference for the Alexander Technique at Oxford University.

Betsy recently did Alexander Technique and vocal coaching for jazz singer and saxophonist Grace Kelly on her new CD, “Man with the Hat”, recorded with Phil Woods.

Alexander Technique Training

As a certified Senior Alexander Technique teacher, Betsy has completed two three-year training courses, with Tommy Thompson and Rivka Cohen. Betsy has also participated in extensive postgraduate studies of the Alexander Technique in relationship to: health, breath, dynamics of movement, playing an instrument, acting, and voice. She has worked with first generation Alexander Technique teachers Patrick Macdonald, Walter Carrington, Marjory Barlow, Margaret Goldie, and Helen Jones.

Other Training

Betsy’s background includes forty years of movement education and performance, as well as extensive training in yoga, meditation, natural foods, and holistic healing arts. Her work is influenced by the teachings of spiritual and meditation masters. She has trained with vocal coach Gissella Rohmert in Germany and dance and movement analyst Frances Cott in New York. She has completed the three-year Somatic Experiencing Training in Peter Levine’s Trauma Resolution work. Betsy also worked extensively with Carl Stough to learn his principles of Breathing Coordination. After Carl passed away in 2000, Betsy was named one of the few successors qualified to teach his work. She has an MFA in Theater Education, a BA in Dance.

My Work

After working with clients for over thirty years, I have the ability to help people change-how they move, how they breathe, how they perform. Using my experience and hands-on skill, I can identify what is in the way of you reaching your higher body/mind potential, shift what is blocking the improvement, and help lead you to your true nature and talent. This brings a renewed sense of vibrancy and presence into your chosen skill, and an increased well-being to your daily life.