January 9, 2011

John Funkhouser

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“The effects of working with Betsy have been miraculous. I am pain free for the first time in 5 years! When I do get an occasional twinge in my back, I only have to think about what Betsy has taught me, and the bad feeling is gone in an instant.

“But that’s just the beginning. Betsy is also teaching me how to relax and breathe fully and extend my body when I’m playing music, so that I’m physically much freer. What I didn’t expect is that I also feel mentally much freer when I’m playing. Betsy has helped me to unlock my creativity and my ability to be in the moment when I’m improvising, so much so that the last few months have been a paradigm shift for me. I’m playing with more authority and I have access to a higher level of musical inspiration. I also feel generally happier and more capable in my daily life, just walking around, sitting, and teaching.”

John Funkhouser
Faculty, Berklee College of Music, “John Funkhouser Trio”

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