General Self Improvement

The body contains a built in primary organization that we are born with. Healthy children tend to “use themselves” in harmony with this natural organization up to age two or three. They often look undisturbed and natural, with an innate upward life force supporting their body. But as one grows older, life changes and more difficult daily situations emerge, and one’s environment begins to take effect. One responds to internal and external stimuli, doing what needs to be done to get through the moment-to survive. However, one’s responses often involve over-tightening or collapsing muscles. We call this a ‘downward pull.’ Unfortunately, misusing muscles in this way tends to continue often without a person even noticing it. Over time one realizes he or she doesn’t feel as poised or graceful or comfortable as he or she used to be.

The Alexander Technique helps you learn how to recognize what you are doing that is unproductive, stop doing it, and reorganize yourself to respond more effectively in the present moment. With this knowledge you can move in a more coordinated and balanced way, so that life’s difficulties do not become your body’s difficulties.

The Technique can improve all aspects of life, including enhancing one’s private practice of yoga, meditation, Pilates or tai-chi.