The human voice has the ability to move us like nothing else. If a singer has misuse or faulty body mechanics, the voice may be held, squeezed, or pushed out, creating excess tension, which can be the cause of many vocal disorders. It takes physical work to sing, but how much? And when is the singer causing the body to overwork, leaving muscles fatigued?

The Alexander Technique helps sort out what can be controlled, what can be left alone, and what can do itself while singing. With the help of the Technique, the singer can gain fuller capacity for breath, more connection to the song, increased ease in range, and a stronger sense of support and presence.


Many instrumentalists play with too much downward pull, interfering with the body’s innate upward direction. This leads to excess tension and pressure, which hinders breathing, musicality, and the intuitive sense of rhythm and timing. The tension can also exacerbate performance anxiety. The Alexander Technique teaches musicians to play with a fluidity that allows body and mind to move freely and interpret the music. With a deep sense of unity and connection and freer muscles, the instrumentalist is able to play with an economy of movement, using only what is necessary to play the note, which allows the music to unfold with grace and specificity.

What the Musicians Say Themselves...

  • “The effects of working with Betsy have been miraculous. I am pain free for the first time in 5 years! When I do get an occasional twinge in my back, I only have to think about what Betsy has taught me, and the bad feeling is gone in an instant.

    But that's just the beginning. Betsy is also teaching me how to relax and breathe fully and extend my body when I'm playing music, so that I'm physically much freer. What I didn't expect is that I also feel mentally much freer when I'm playing. Betsy has helped me to unlock my creativity and my ability to be in the moment when I'm improvising, so much so that the last few months have been a paradigm shift for me. I'm playing with more authority and I have access to a higher level of musical inspiration. I also feel generally happier and more capable in my daily life, just walking around, sitting, and teaching.”

    John Funkhouser

    Faculty, Berklee College of Music
    "John Funkhouser Trio"

  • "Betsy is my teacher. Working with Betsy for over a year now has created the most rapid and powerful changes in my sound and in myself. Not only have I been completely pain free of any tendonitis and muscular problems I was battling before, but I have listened to the sound of my voice and horn get bigger, warmer and more resonant every lesson. Her energy, her touch, and her knowledge make the experience unbelievable. This last year I have connected my body and mind so much more and now feel more attached to myself. I thought I knew how to breathe before. Now when I breathe correctly, everything seems brighter. The world seems brighter. Working with Betsy and reaching new limits is literally eye opening. I have more energy, less fatigue and most importantly I can create beautiful sounds! I was hooked since the first lesson when after 45 minutes I heard myself sing things I didn't know I could. The deep resonance and sounds that she helps me create have been translating through to live performances."

    Grace Kelly

    Singer, Saxophonist
    "Man with the Hat"

  • "Working with Betsy has given me the tools to perform closer to the height of my potential. Betsy has taught me to realize the importance of correct muscle balance, alignment of posture, and efficient breathing methods. I consider these practices paramount to playing the trumpet on a professional level. There have been a few instances since working with Betsy where I've had a performance that I considered to be lackluster. When I analyzed how this came to be, I've always come to the realization that I hadn't put Betsy's guidance to practice on stage."

    Jason Palmer

    Trumpet, Composer, Actor, Teacher,
    SteepleChase Records Recording Artist

  • “When I'm able to get out of my own way, as a result of the work I've done with Betsy, everything is easier — walking, breathing, playing the piano.”

    Rebecca Cline

    Faculty, Berklee College of Music

Newport Jazz Festival

Betsy at the Newport Jazz Festival with Doug Johnson, Grace Kelly and Jason Palmer